I research the intersection of parties, elections, institutions and representation. I specialize in incorporating the politics of place and geo-spatial methods into understanding how where the mass public lives and the places political elites represent affect election outcomes, who makes it into office, and barriers to representation. Below are published articles and some programs for R and ArcGIS.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Redistricting and Representation

Curiel, John A. and Tyler Steelman. 2020. "A Response to “Tests for Unconstitutional Partisan Gerrymandering in a Post-Gill World” in a Post-Rucho World." Election Law Journal 19(1), 1 - 9 

Curiel, John A. and Tyler Steelman. 2018. “Redistricting Out Representation: Democratic Harms in Splitting ZIP Codes.” Election Law Journal 17(4), 328-53

Banda, Kevin K., Thomas M. Carsey and John A. Curiel. 2019. “Incumbency status and candidate responsiveness to voters in two-stage elections beginning with a primary.” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

Public Health Dentistry

Curiel, John A., Anne Sanders and Gary Slade. "Emulation of Community Water Fluoridation within America." Journal of Dental Research - Clinical & Translational Research, forthcoming

Curiel, John A., Anne E. Sanders, Thu-Mai L. Christian, Sophia Lafferty-Hess, Thomas M. Carsey, Lewis N. Lampiris and Gary D. Slade. 2018. “Fluoridation advocacy in referenda where media coverage is balanced, yet biased.” The Journal of the American Dental Association 149(4): 273–80

Curiel, John A., Sophia Lafferty-Hess, Thu-Mai Christensen, Thomas M. Carsey, Gary Slade and Anne Sanders. Disparities in Opposition to Community Water Fluoridation: The Health Literacy Linkage.” British Medical Journal, open  ; Appendix

Sanders, Anne E, William B. Grider, William R. Maas, John A. Curiel and GaryD. Slade. "Water Fluoridation Lessens Income-Inequality in Dental Caries of U.S. Children and Adolescents.Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics 173


Popular Media 

Curiel, John A. and Jack Williams, "Bolivia dismissed its October elections as fraudulent. Our research found no reason to suspect fraud." The Washington Post, ``The Monkey Cage Blog," February 27, 2020

Steelman, Tyler and John A. Curiel, "Here’s one way to end partisan gerrymandering: Don’t break up Zip codes."  The Washington Post, ``The Monkey Cage Blog," October 22, 2018

Christensen, Devin and John A. Curiel, "What Trump’s tweets tell us about his TV viewing — and his thinking."  The Washington Post, ``The Monkey Cage Blog," April 13, 2017


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